Digital Kiosk

Allow your customers to interact with your website, game, building architecture or more through the digital kiosk offered by MnK Digital. Communicate your messages with the customer and gauge their responses with the help of the best digital kiosks.

Digital Kiosk Display & Features

Harness the power of digital kiosks with features incorporating the latest technology.

  • Commercial LED Screens
  • Full HD and 4k Resolution
  • Light Proof Screens Guaranteed
  • Flat or Curved Shaped Screens
Digital Kiosk

Touch Quality

  • Multiple Touch Points
  • Instantly Responsive on Multiple Touches
  • PCAP Touch Technology Available

Spirit & Success, Together

MNK DIGITAL is a subsidiary of MNK Group established in 2011. Today MNK Digital is leading SMD LED Display solutions in Pakistan by providing complete range of Premium quality LED display screen, LCD videowall, Indoor and Outdoor SMD screens, Van Screens, Pole Streamers with customize sizes.

Our Feature Products

LED Video Wall, Digital Billboards, Indoor SMD Screns, Outdoor SMD Screens, Digital Pole Sign.

LED Video Wall

Conference Room

Digital Billboards

Indoor SMD Screen

Outdoor SMD Screen

Digital Pole Sign