Digital Pole Sign

The digital pole sign is an electronic sign that is attached to a street pole. It can be used to display messages in public spaces.It is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way of advertising. The digital pole sign has many advantages over other types of signage, such as being more visible, cheaper, more flexible and interactive.

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Digital Pole Sign

Digital Pole Sign

Digital pole signs have become a popular way for advertisers to reach a wider audience. They are often used to advertise a business, but can also be used for political campaigns or other public service announcements.

A digital pole sign is an LED display mounted on top of an electric utility pole or traffic signal. The displays can be programmed to show any type of message, such as advertisements and public service announcements.

The display consists of two components:

the LED display panel and the controller that connects the panel to the power source and controls the messages on the sign. The controller is powered by electricity from a nearby electrical outlet and sends messages through low voltage wiring that runs up each side of the utility pole or traffic signal.

Digital Pole Signs

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