Special Displays

MnK Digital provides clients with customized solutions for displays. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating special displays. Grab the customer’s eyes with the special displays. At MnK, we give you a freehand to incorporate as many hardware and software features that you would like.


Special Display Features

Get special displays tailor-made to your business requirements, with features that suit you best.

Types of Special Displays

  • Small Displays
  • E-Ink Displays
  • Transparent Displays
  • Hand Sanitizing Display
  • Shelf Display
  • 3D Fan Display
  • Room Sign Display
  • EGallery
  • Stretch Display
  • Mirror Display

Special Display Features

  • High Resolution Image/Video
  • Maximum Brightness
  • Variable Display Sizes (30 inches & more as per your choice)

Hardware Functionality

  • Efficient Power Usage
  • Minimal Weight
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Built-in Speakers (Depending upon the type of chosen Special Display)
  • Ball Drop Tested
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