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MNK Digital is renowned for world class paramount range of SMD LED Screens.

We offers a fascinating and useful visual experience, as well as full-service capabilities From high-resolution micro LED video walls for home theatre to SMD LED Screen displays for commercial stores and business sectors, there is something for everyone. We also provide SMD Screens on rent for Stages backdrop, events and stadiums.

We have world’s top SMD screens brands in Pakistan, including Absen, Samsung, DDW, Philips, Unilumin, Liantronics, and LG, with local and international warranty.
Our pricing with all of those brands is extremely low and cost effective in highly competitive markets.

SMD Screen

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Our Feature Products

LED Video Wall, Digital Billboards, Indoor SMD Screns, Outdoor SMD Screens, Digital Pole Sign.

LED Video Wall

Our LED Video Wall provides cutting-edge display solutions that deliver vibrant, high-definition imagery, making it perfect for captivating advertising displays and immersive event presentations

Conference Room

Our Conference Room SMD Screen is the ideal solution to facilitate effective presentations and discussions in your meetings. It ensures seamless visibility of projected materials, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Digital Billboards

Experience the future of advertising with our Digital Billboards – these innovative displays redefine engagement with dynamic, eye-catching visuals that captivate audiences.

Indoor SMD Screen

Take your indoor visual experiences with our Indoor SMD Screen on the next level. From captivating ads to engaging presentations, these versatile displays bring content to life with exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

Outdoor SMD Screen

Our Outdoor SMD Screen is the best display solution in Pakistan for outdoors designed to thrive in any environment. These brilliant versatile and durable screens deliver stunning visuals, ensuring your message shines brightly in the outdoors, no matter the conditions.

Digital Pole Sign

Enhance your advertising with our Digital Pole sign: Clear, energy-efficient, and captivating, these digital signs outshine traditional ads, featuring dynamic content that grabs attention day and night.

Our Projects !

As a leading Digital Signage Company, We have a professional team, and we carefully implement each project as a sample,
and design each display as a handicraft. Satisfying customers.


Why Choose Us!

MNK Digital is a professional LED display provider in Pakistan. we provide advertising products made of the highest quality materials, offering an outstanding value for our customers.Deals in all kind of Indoor Screen, Outdoor Screen, LED Video Wall, SMD LED Video Wall, Digital Billboards, Commercial Display, Indoor SMD Screen, Digital Menu Board, LED display screen, Indoor and Outdoor SMD screens, Van Screens, Pole Streamers with customize sizes.

Digital Signage for Every Business

why should a business use digital signage?

Digital signage has been proven the world over to engage more viewers, improve productivity and maximise the potential of any revenue-making opportunities.

  • College / University
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hospital
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Cinema
  • Home Theater

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Are you seeking expert guidance on the best digital advertising solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments including LED video wall, SMD screens, commercial displays and more? Look no further! MNK Digital is here to assist you. Get in touch with us today, and let’s explore the perfect digital advertising strategy for your unique needs in every field.