Conference Room SMD Screen

Conference room SMD Screen is a device that can be used in conference rooms so that the people in the meeting can see the material being projected on the screen.
Our Conference Room SMD Screen is the ideal solution to facilitate effective presentations and discussions in your meetings. It ensures seamless visibility of projected materials, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Conference Room SMD Screen

Ultra high quality conference room SMD screen

The conference room SMD screen is a device that can be used to project content on a screen. It is made up of an LCD panel and an LED backlight. The LCD panel allows for high-quality images, while the LED backlight provides brightness and contrast ratio. The conference room SMD screens are usually installed in boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and other large spaces where presentations are given.

Conference room SMD Screen Specifications

  • Model: indoor SMD LED Screen
  • Panel Type: Die Casting Aluminum
  • Brightness: 600 cd/m2
  • Color Temperature: 2,000 – 9,500k (adjustable)
  • Viewing Angle (H/V): 160 degree/ 160 degree
  • Aspect Ratio (W/H): 16:9
  • Ingress Protections: 160
  • Input Power/ Panel (Ave.): 48W
Conference Room SMD Screens

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