Digital Menu Board Features

Digital menu boards are a great way to provide customers with more information about the food and beverages that are available. Digital menu boards can also be used to promote new specials or events which are happening at the restaurant.

Digital Menu Board

With the widespread of COVID throughout the world, interaction has become minimal. Utilize the services of MnK to buy digital menu boards for your restaurant.

Easy to update and clean after every usage, your life as a food server can become a hundred percent more convenient with these boards.

Digital Menu Board

Stream line your restaurant operations through the optimal features of digital menu boards.

  • Showcase Every Product
  • One Touch Selection
  • Increase in Customer Convenience
  • Touch Sensitive Devices
  • Devices with Stylus Available
  • Time Saving Device
  • Customizable Visuals on Screen

Commercial Display Hardware

MNK offers commercial display screens with the latest hardware technology. Here are some of its specs:

  • Create Dynamic Content on Phones for Display
  • Plug and Play Multiple Devices
  • Create and Display Slideshows
  • Change Content on Runtime
  • Distinct Switch for the Timer to Switch ON/OFF
Digital Menu Board

Our Feature Products

LED Video Wall, Digital Billboards, Indoor SMD Screns, Outdoor SMD Screens, Digital Pole Sign.

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MNK DIGITAL is a subsidiary of MNK Group established in 2011. Today MNK Digital is leading SMD LED Display solutions in Pakistan by providing complete range of Premium quality LED display screen, LCD videowall, Indoor and Outdoor SMD screens, Van Screens, Pole Streamers with customize sizes.