Amenable Interactive Whiteboard

MNK Digital Interactive whiteboards touch display in Pakistan!

MNK Digital offers interactive whiteboard touch screen solutions for both the classroom and the workplaces nationwide in Pakistan.

Our Interactive whiteboard has the ability to use a display as a touchscreen device, an interactive smart board allows you to accomplish a wide range of tasks. By using this tool, multiple people can engage in a collaborative experience to take notes, annotate content, and share screens

interactive whiteboards have an optimal display quality, as well as the most efficient touch systems, making your learning an unforgettable feat.

With our whiteboards, experience seamless and smooth interactions.

Interactive Whiteboard Amazing Features!

Learning has never been fun but working with Interactive whiteboards offered by MnK can change that with its one of a kind features.

Interactive whiteboard

Multi-Touch Experience

  • Touch Sensors Detect More than One Touch
  • Multiple Users can Draw, Write, or Click at Once
  • Highly Sensitive Response
  • Minimal to No Lags in Response
  • Freestyle Interactions
  • Enhanced Collaborative and Engaging System

Projector Controls

  • Connect to Various Projectors
  • Control Projector Volume, Power, and Input
  • Also Compatible with Short Throw Projectors
  • Highest Resolution Irrespective of Attached Projector

Touch Gestures

  • Write over Webpages, PDFs, and more With Smart Ink
  • Rotate Objects on Desire
  • Toss Objects as Required