Outdoor SMD screens

MNK Digital takes pride in presenting our full range of Outdoor SMD Screens that are aimed at redefining the way you approach outdoor promotions. These products have a combination of high-tech, premium-grade engineering and incomparable performance; thus ensuring that they deliver more than expected results in any outside atmosphere. Whether you prefer digital Pole  signs or 90o curved displays we have an array of options suitable for your specific requirements.

Outdoor Products

At MNK Digital we offer a diverse selection of external SMD screens to cater for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for a digital Pole sign, digital billboard, wall-mounted SMD, or 90-degree curved display, we have the perfect solution for you. Our products are built with precision and innovation to deliver unparalleled performance and durability in any outdoor environment

Digital Pole Sign

Digital Pole Sign

Make a bold statement with our digital tree signs. These dynamic displays are perfect for road advertising, grabbing the attention of passersby and drivers. With stylish SMD screens and customizable features, our digital tree signs ensure your message stands out in any outdoor environment.

Digital Billboards

Capture your audience with our digital billboards. These large displays provide exceptional clarity and brightness, making them ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns, events and promotions. Whether you need static displays or a dynamic change of scenery, our digital billboards deliver stunning visuals that demand attention.

Digital Pole Signs

Wall Mounted SMD

Beautify your outdoor space with our wall mounted SMD displays. This stylish space-saving fabric is perfect for storefronts, building fronts and outdoors. With scalable sizing options and easy integration capabilities, our wall-mounted SMDs enable you to create immersive brand experiences that make a lasting impression

90 Degree Curved Display

Take your outdoor advertising to the next level with our 90-degree curved displays. This new screen provides a unique viewing experience, allowing you to wrap your content in corners and entice viewers from anywhere. Whether you’re presenting product demonstrations, live events, or interactive events, our 90-degree curved displays offer unparalleled versatility and impact.

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